The 7 Best Trimmer Lines for Use Near Chain Link Fences

Finding the best trimmer line to use around a chain link fence can be difficult since you know that you will want a stronger trimmer line, but taking into consideration what others have said regarding how well it works can assist in the process.

Ranking the best trimmer line is possible but difficult. Following what people have experienced is a great place to begin. Some trimmer line types work better than others. For example, round trimmer lines work the best because they tend to be stronger than most other types of timmer line.

The Echo Speed-Feed 400 Universal Trimmer Head

The Echo Universal Trimmer Head comes with a variety of parts to better adapt to other trimmers. This Echo trimmer is also beneficial in the sense that it is easy to reload. The problems of line tangling and becoming stuck together inside the head of your weed trimmer can be avoided.

Most people have even said that they did not need the adapters to use the trimmer line. Because it is universal, however, you will not have problems using the trimmer line on diverse weed trimmers.

The Echo Universal Trimmer Head also fits both straight and curved shaft string trimmers. This builds upon its universal quality because you do not have to have a specific type of trimmer to use this trimmer line.

This trimmer line is also great for chain link fences because it is bendable. This means it can easily go underneath, between, and essentially all around the chain link fencing. This is very beneficial for a chain link fence because you will not have to worry as much about the trimmer line coming back a ton shorter after weed-eating around a chain-link fence.

Though the trimmer line is great, the instructions that come with it do not have that great of a review. In this case, it is suggested to visit YouTube to find an instructional video to teach you how to string your weed eater. People have come out saying it does not fit on their Makita 36v trimmer, Black & Decker, or curve head FS 46 or Echo SRM 225.

Most people said the chord works for their weed eaters, so if you do not have these types of a weed-eater, this is a great possible choice for your next trimmer line.

You can view the Echo Universal Head Trimmer on Amazon here.

Weed Warrior 17068 .095” Diameter x 100’ Bi-Component Twist Trimmer Line, Red Core/Silver Tips

The Weed Warrior is beneficial because of its durability. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to using the trimmer next to a chain-link fence. Because of its durability, it can be used on grass as high as your waist! The overall rating the Weed Warrior receives on Amazon in terms of durability is a solid 4 of 5. People that have bought this item also agree that it is reasonably priced regarding the work that can be accomplished with it.

Along with durability, this trimmer line is also universal. This is great for almost any type of trimmer you might have. Because it is universal, this does mean it can fit almost, if not all, brands.

While it is extremely durable, there is a high possibility that you will need to reroll the line. A problem with the line feeding also comes with rerolling the line. One person also mentioned that it did not work on their .095 Troy Bilt trimmer.

I would still suggest this trimmer line, however, because it is so strong. Strength is a good indicator that it can last against harder surfaces longer, like a chain-link fence.

You can view the Weed Warrior on Amazon here.

Stens 380-924 Silver Streak Razor Trimmer Line.105 1 lb. Donut, ea, 1

The Stens 380-924 Silver Streak Razor Trimmer Line is the best when it comes to not breaking after coming in contact with rocks and chain link fencing. Because of its durability, less is required in terms of how much line is necessary for an edging job.

The Stens Silver Streak Razor Trimmer Line is impressive because it can come in contact with rocks and chain link fencing and not lose too much of the line.

When using a trimming line, it can wear out and become brittle over time, but this process is sped up, for some trimmer line, when it comes in contact with hard surfaces. The majority of trimming lines can break by barely brushing the surface of these objects, creating a frustrating situation for the person using the trimming line.

You can view the Stens Silver Streak Razor on Amazon here.

Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY095S3 .095″ x 855′ Commercial Trimmer Line Orange

The Cyclone Desert Extrusion is known for how long it can last regarding distance. One person stated, “I can cut 5x longer on this string than I could with the other. It also feeds smoothly and doesn’t break inside the trimmer spool near as much. I will buy it again.”

Another benefit of buying the Cyclone Desert Extrusion is that it comes with a lot of trimmer line. This is beneficial because you will not need to buy as much line as you would otherwise.

One major negative is that it splits more at the end than other trimmer lines. The everyday trimming quality is where the Cyclone Desert Extrusion falters because it does not cut as cleanly as other brands.

The end is more likely to break, but the line will not be lost as much as with other trimmer lines. The breakage may cause uneven cuts to the grass, but the effects can be seen only close up.

You can see the Cyclone Desert Extrusion trimmer line can be viewed on Amazon here.

Echo 330095073 Black Diamond Trimmer Line

The Echo Black Diamond is beneficial because of its sharp edges. This is important in cutting weeds in hard to reach places because it slices the weeds opposed to just beating them out of the way as other trimming line does.

This trimming line is also flexible, so it is easy for it to get into hard to reach places. This is beneficial with a chain-link fence because the spaces between the chain link are too small for a normal trimming line to go between and come out unscathed.

The negative side to this trimming line is that it is black, making the line hard to notice how much of it you have out at a given time. People have also risen the concern that there are issues with keeping the spool on, causing them to continually reload the line.

This trimmer line is great around chain link fencing because it can get into the small gaps of the fence and reach the grass that seems unreachable by normal standards.

You can see the Echo Black Diamond Trimmer Line on Amazon here.

Maxpower 333265 Residential Grade Round .065-Inch Trimmer Line 260-Foot Length

The Maxpower Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line is good in the fact you can watch YouTube videos to learn how to re-string the line in your trimmer. It is also strong enough to cut thick bushes and bermudagrass.

It can seem to be not thick enough, however, it is quite strong. Its strength can be beneficial when coming in contact with hard or sharp objects, including a chain-link fence.

Because this trimmer line, in particular, is round, it is that much stronger than other types of trimming line. Because it is round, it is less likely to break under stress than other shapes of the trimmer line.

You can view the Maxpower Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line here on Amazon.

Oregon 21-495 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .095-Inch Diameter 1-Pound Donut

The Oregon 21-495 trimming wire is beneficial because it lasts for a long time. It is square-shaped so it is sharper and stronger against thick grass. This type of trimming wire, while being thick and sharp, can also cause problems around a chain-link fence. Because it is not round, it is more brittle around hard surfaces.

Because the shape of the trimming line affects so much, it is important to keep this in mind when you buy a new trimming wire. The company itself creates good trimming wire, so look for a round trimming wire.

This trimming wire also winds easily on the spool. This is almost essential when picking trimming wire because this makes it easier to put a new trimming wire into your trimmer.

One person did point out that it did not fit on their Ryobi trimmer, which is a definite downside to this trimmer line. If you have a Ryobi trimmer, I would suggest not getting this trimming line just in case it does not fit on your trimmer as well.

While the Oregon Gatorline Square Trimmer Line may not seem all that great a choice, it is important to remember that the trimmer line’s ability to cut grass is also very important.

You can view the Oregon Gatorline square Trimmer Line on Amazon here.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a trimmer line is that you want a trimmer line that is strong and flexible. While the best option is to find a round trimmer line, it is a good idea to try out different shapes for yourself so you can decide what you like the best. You may find, after more experience with trimming lines, that you prefer some brands over others.

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