The 10 Best Privacy Screens for Chain Link Fences

Do you need some privacy, protection, or less sunlight in your yard? I totally get it. I have rated and placed the ten best privacy screens based on online reviews, durability, and thickness of the screen on your chain link fence. Here is what I found:

1. Sunnyglade Privacy Screen

Description: This privacy screen is six by fifty feet, with heavy-duty protection, an element for extra shade, and can be used in almost every situation. Comes in green, sand, and black colors.


  • Privacy Solution: Most economical way for privacy over chain link fence.
  • High-quality material: Privacy fence screen is constructed of sun-protected HDPE fabric with durable brass grommets on each side.
  • Multifunctional: Many different ways to position it. Breathable weaving fabric allows water and air to go through freely and makes it resistant to both sun and water.
  • More intensive grommets: Grommets are made of copper, more grommets are placed evenly along all edges, 11.8 inches apart vertically, 18.9 inches horizontally. All edges are covered with black reinforced 1.3″ binding. The grommets and bindings help the screen to hold up in the wind.
  • Easy to install: Use zip ties to fasten the grommets to the fence on each side. Our fence screen is equipped with denser grommets and 80 straps to keep the fence closer to your fence.
  • Low Maintenance.


  • Sometimes the measurements are off with this type of fence.
  • Not too protective over strong, direct sunlight.

See the current pricing for the Sunnyglade Privacy Screen on Amazon here.

2. YARDGARD Privacy Screens

Description: This privacy fence is 4 feet tall and goes over 250 feet. It comes with a green, beige, or brown color- with a vinyl weave.


  • The weave is economical.
  • “The privacy fence is weather-resistant and easy to install. No tools are necessary. Simply pull the weave through your chain link fence and secure it with the provided brass fasteners. Weave can be cut to fit the shape of your fence and custom-designed in the direction you choose.” (From Product Description)
  • This weave adds approximately 85% privacy to regular chain link fabric. It compliments very well with both residential and industrial fences.


  • The privacy screen is not very weather resistant. Reviewers have found that it can start cracking after a few years if placed under bad conditions.
  • It is very hard to secure the fasteners on the fence.

See the YARDGARD Privacy Screens at Home Depot here.

3 BOEN Privacy Screens

Description: 6 ft. X 50 ft. Black Privacy Fence Screen Netting Mesh with Reinforced Grommet for Chain-link Garden Fence


  • Enhances privacy by up to 90%
  • UV-resistant HDPE construction
  • Includes reinforced hem and rust-free grommets
  • 90 Day Free Warranty


  • The material is more see-through than most other brands
  • Packaging has been shown to ruin the privacy screen sometimes. Online reviewers have found that it sometimes arrives with uneven edges or no grommets. However, the warranty has proven to be effective.

See the BOEN Privacy Screens at Home Depot here.

4. Pexco Privacy Screens

Description: This six-by-seventy-two-inch privacy screen comes in dark green.


  • The screens create a natural green hedge look that beautifies any area in your yard.
  • The slats are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Each box covers 41 slats, enough to cover 5 linear ft. of the fence.


  • The screens can be slightly see-through.
  • Not too many circular inserts to put in between the vinyl fence.

See Pexco Privacy Screens at Lowes here.

5. ColourTree Privacy Screens

Description: This privacy screen is a commercial grade, 170 GSM privacy screen that is four by fifty feet tall.


  • The screen has proven to be very heavy duty.
  • The screen has a three-year warranty.
  • The screen can also be used as a tarp.
  • The screen comes in many different colors.


  • The colors can turn out to be very faded compared to when they were advertised.
  • The privacy screen is hard to attach to the chain-link fence.

See the current pricing for ColourTree Privacy Screens on Amazon here.

6. Tenax Deer Fence Kit

Description: This fence screen, which comes in a kit rather than just the screen, is 7′ x 100′.


  • These fence screens are easy to cut and adjust as needed.
  • These fence kits are very multifunctional and can be used for things other than chain link fences (if needed).
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • The fence screen has a very aesthetic look.


  • Sometimes the fence kits don’t go wide enough to stretch to every portion of your fence.
  • The fence kits aren’t too durable. Some online reviewers found that it was easy for animals and other creatures to chew and get into their property.

See the Tenax Deer Fence Kit on Google Shopping here.

7. Xpanse Sprig Panel

Description: This fence screen is two feet by four feet long, comes in black and white and has a very modern look.


  • The versatile panels resist warping, rotting, twisting, or splitting.
  • The screen will not show discolor or scratches.
  • The panels are paintable and adjustable, in case the look of your home changes.
  • The panels can be moved and used almost everywhere.


  • The privacy screen is not too sturdy against the elements and can sometimes break.
  • The privacy screen can oftentimes ship damaged, so be sure to try to buy it from a major home hardware store.

See the Xpanse Sprig Panel on Google Shopping here.

8. Aleko Black Fence Privacy Screen with Grommets

Description: This 4 x 50 feet privacy screen comes in brown, grey, blue, white, and black colors.


  • These screens allow privacy while not sacrificing airflow.
  • The panels also block out wind and heavy weather well.
  • The screens are easy to install.


  • These screens aren’t as animal-resistant as other screens are.
  • Any other color other than black seems to deteriorate after a few years.
  • The material tends to rot and corrode very easily.

See the Aleko Black Fence Privacy Screen on Google Shopping here.

9. TarpsNow Privacy Fence Screen

Description: This 5′-8″ x 150′, 100% polyethylene (HDPE) UV stabilized material comes in dark green.


  • These screens have ninety percent shade.
  • There are buttonholes every two inches, which makes it convenient to insert into the fence wherever it is needed.
  • The screen is mold and residue resistant.
  • TarpsNow has a very highly rated customer service program.


  • The dark green doesn’t look too good compared to other fence screens.
  • The screens can sometimes that a while to ship and be in stock.

See the TarpsNow Privacy Fence Screen at here.

10. FenceScreen High Blockage Fence Privacy Screen

Description: This is a commercially graded fence privacy screen in which you choose the measurement.


  • The screen has a 98% Privacy & Airflow Blockage.
  • The screen is made out of commercial-grade material: 140 g/m2 (40% higher than competitors).
  • There is custom sizing available if needed.
  • Optimum UV Additives for Weathering Protection.
  • 300-GSM Black Binding & Solid Brass Grommets Every 24″.
  • 3 – 5 Year Expected Life.


  • The material can look very cheap.
  • There are not as many rings to secure the privacy screen too.

See the FenceScreen Privacy Screen on here.

A Side Note:

This is not listed from greatest to least in terms of overall quality. Every privacy screen is different and is optimized for different purposes. Be sure to check the measurements, color, size, and weather protection that will fit the climate in which you live and the area in your yard!

Alternative Options To Privacy Screens:

Purchase a bamboo fence!

What you will need: Bamboo fence, planks, nails, and hardware to secure plank

  1. Buy the bamboo fence. These fences go from $20-100 USD and you can find them predominately online or with most retailers
  2. Insert a plank or a sturdy material on the bottom of your chain link fence. Make sure it is fully secure and ready to handle a heavy fence
  3. Roll the bamboo fence out
  4. Connect the bamboo fence with the chain-link fence as instructions tell you.

Buy a lattice panel privacy screen!

What you will need: Privacy screen, drill, eye screws, s hooks

  1. Produce frames each, discolor or paint them and stick the panels to the wood frame.
  2. Drill holes on completions of the frames and put eye screws in them. You can then utilize chains and S hooks to hang them at the wanted height.

Plant bushes and trees!

What you will need: Bushes, gardening supplies

  1. Measure the length, width, and height of the area surrounding your fence. Be sure to find greenery that will eventually fit those measurements (so usually no bushes)
  2. Plan accordingly! If you don’t want to plant big trees and don’t have a large fence, some have found it effective to hang pots around the chain-link fence for privacy.

Go more of the creative route!

Some DIY Experts have gotten more privacy by using old closet doors, old windows, creating “Zen Gardens”, using sheets of bumpy metal, and using sliding panels!

The sky is the limit!

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