The 10 Best Paint Sprayers for Fences

When it comes to paint sprayers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Deciding which one will be the best for painting your fence can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of the ten best paint sprayers to get the job done.

Graco Magnum X5

This paint sprayer comes with a suction tube that you put directly into any paint bucket, which means you don’t need to worry about transferring paint over to an attached bucket. Not only does this make the sprayer significantly less weight, but it also makes clean up easier.

While the hose is only 25 feet, the suction tube is 75 feet, so the sprayer can easily be moved around. This makes this sprayer a great option for large projects, like a fence.

This sprayer also features a steel pump with adjustable pressure control, which is great for getting a consistent finish. At the pump’s max high pressure, paints do not need to be thinned. Also included, is a RAC IV switch tip, in case of clogs so that you can just flip the tip and keep painting.

For easy cleanup, this sprayer has a special adapter that you can hook up to a garden hose. Just turn on the water and all the paint is flushed out.

This paint sprayer is pretty fairly priced and it is a great option for painting your fence.

See the current price for the Graco Magnum X5 on Amazon here.

Graco Magnum X7

The X7 has all of the same features as the X5. The suction tube can be dipped directly into paint buckets. The adapter attaches to your garden hose for easy cleanup. It has a steel pump with adjustable pressure flow. The high spray pressure for unthinned paints. It also has the RAC IV switch tip that allows you to keep painting regardless of clogs.

What makes the X7 unique is its cart style, making it easy to pull or push the sprayer where ever you need it to go. This sprayer also features a 100-foot hose, which is much larger than the hose on the X5.

While being a bit more than the X5, its adding benefits could make this sprayer an even better option for your fence project.

See the current price for the Graco Magnum X7 on Amazon here.

Wagner Flexio 890

Technically, this is an HVLP paint sprayer which means it’s not the best option for large projects. Though, this sprayer is great for detailed projects and can be extremely useful for small detailing that might be on your fence.

This paint sprayer has an extremely portable body, that essentially looks like a box with a handle. Which makes storage easy, since the hoses and nozzles fit right into the sprayer.

The sprayer comes with two nozzles. One that is for medium-sized projects and the other being for extremely small projects. This sprayer also has adjustable air pressure settings.

Overall, this sprayer is only necessary for getting details on your fence done but is the best option for its job.

See the current price for the Wagner Flexio 890 on Amazon here.

Wagner Control Pro 150

This sprayer uses HEA technology and reduces overspray by 55%, giving more control and a more consistent look. The HEA pump also has a rebuildable fluid section, which will extend the life of this sprayer. Also, speaking of extending life, this sprayer has an incredible company warranty that cannot be matched.

Though the hose is kind of short at 25 feet and cannot be extended, the pump does allow you to use unthinned paint.

This sprayer is a great inexpensive option for your fence and will produce a great finish.

See the current price for the Wagner Control Pro 150 on Amazon here.

Wagner Spraytech HVLP Paint Sprayer

This sprayer may not be the fastest, but it is relatively cheap and produces a great finish that cannot be replicated.

This paint sprayer atomizes paint into extremely fine particles which produces an extremely smooth finish. It also uses high air volume at a low pressure which means that very little paint is wasted.

This sprayer comes with two air filters that reduce debris from getting into your paint job. It also has an adjustable nozzle. Just turn the nozzle and you can have a horizontal spray, vertical spray, or circular spray. It also has flow control which means you can switch from larger surface area coverage to smaller surface area coverage.

The sprayer comes with a 20-foot hose so you have some room to move around. It also comes with a 1 and a half quart canister, so it does not hold a ton of paint. Regardless this sprayer is sure to produce a great finish.

See the current price for the Wagner Spraytech HVLP Sprayer on Amazon here.

Graco Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Though this option may be the second most expensive on this list, it is for good reason. For the best, fastest, and easiest paint application, this sprayer is the best for your fence project.

This sprayer does have some similar features to the other Gracos on this list. This sprayer does include a suction tube that can be directly put into paint buckets and also has an adapter that attaches to a garden hose for easy cleaning. This sprayer also has a steel pump that allows for unthinned paint and has adjustable spray pressure. It also has the RAC IV switch tip that allows you to avoid clogs and keep painting.

There is a lot that makes this sprayer stand out from other sprayers. This sprayer can support 150 feet of hose giving you a ton of distance to move around while painting. The spraying is also extremely durable, allowing you to spray up to 500 gallons a year. The sprayer has a pump filter that filters out the debris and significantly reduces clogs.

Though it is expensive, this sprayer will no doubt give your fence a great and easy paint job that will last for years.

See the current price for the Graco Magnum ProX19 sprayer on Amazon here.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun

This paint sprayer is a great option for getting large projects, like your fence, done very quickly. While being fast it also provides a finished product that looks very professional.

This sprayer does not attach to an air compressor and instead has its own motor, with 1.2 horsepower, that plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet.

The sprayer also hooks directly into the can that your paint comes in, making clean up a lot easier. And it comes with a 25-foot hose that does not kink making it easy to walk around with.

This paint sprayer is a great and inexpensive option for getting your fence painted.

See the current price for the HomeRight Power Flo Pro sprayer on Amazon here.

Graco 390 ProConnect

This paint sprayer beats the ProX19 as the most expensive on the list. This sprayer is great for professionals and while it may be a tad expensive for homeowners, this option is guaranteed to give your fence a great paint job.

This sprayer is extremely fast and efficient. With the PSI at 3300, this sprayer can apply unthinned paint in thick layers. This makes it the best for large painting projects. The pump on the sprayer is extremely durable and is also replaceable, which extends the life of the sprayer.

This sprayer comes with a 50-foot hose, with the option of a hose extension of 200 feet, giving you plenty of space to walk around. While it may not be the most portable of all the Graco paint sprayers, it is lightweight, which makes it somewhat easy to move around.

Below is a video of a guy setting the ProConnect up and testing it out.

Overall, this is probably the best paint sprayer you can buy.

See the current price for the Graco 390 PC sprayer on Amazon here.

Titan Tool ControlMax 1700

This is an airless sprayer that utilizes HEA technology to reduce overspray by 55%. This sprayer is also extremely durable and can spray 300 gallons a year and comes with a 2-year warranty. This sprayer comes with 30 feet of hose but can be extended to 80 feet.

While this sprayer may not be the most impressive, it is set at a fair price and is sure to produce a great paint job on your fence.

See the current price for the Titan Tool ControlMax 1700 on Amazon here.

Campbell Hausfeld Gravity Feed Spray Gun

This paint sprayer is the best for painting metal. Though not as fast as some of the other sprayers on this list, you may want to consider this one if your fence is metal.

This sprayer is gravity fed and comes in a kit that is extremely easy to assemble and use. It also has a low overspray. However, this sprayer only holds 20 ounces in its canister.

I would only recommend this sprayer if you have metal on your fence that needs to be painted. That being said, this sprayer is the best at providing an even, consistent finish on metal. This is probably one of the cheapest options you’ll find to do this job.

See the current price for the Campbell Hausfeld gun on Amazon here.

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