How to Extend the Height of a Vinyl Fence

There have been many circumstances where I have needed to have a lot more privacy as I have made my home safe and secure. Through my research, I have found many possible and satisfactory options.

Extending the length of vinyl fences is made possible through fence kits, post extensions, and u-channels. All three methods are practical, readily available in most hardware stores, and can be put up with very minimal effort.

More information regarding these four steps and how to properly position these tools to make for the best use of your home are listed below.

Extend Through Fence Kits

SnapFence is an easy way to extend a vinyl fence. It is a very simple and practical option for those who aren’t as savvy with their hands. All you need to do is buy a kit and assemble it yourself (the instructions are included). Assembling these fence extensions are just like assembling furniture from Ikea. Please be sure to find the fence kit that fits with the color, size, and purpose of your fence extension project. Many fence kits can be found at The Home Depot. Source

Post Extensions

Want a cheaper, less bulky option for your fence project? Use post extensions.

Post extensions either come individually or in kits (as mentioned above). Post extensions are categorized by the width, material, and length that you need, and are usually flexible so you can adjust the height as needed. Post Extensions can be found in most hardware stores. The Home Depot offers a variety of post extensions that should fit your needs. Source

You will need the post extensions and some vinyl lattice to extend along the length of the fence.

Here is how to extend your own vinyl fence using individual post extensions:

  1. Find out how many post extensions you will need depending on the extent of your project. An example of this would be if you would only like to extend your fence on the back end of your yard. For this, you will only need a few post extensions so try to avoid buying kits that usually come in bulk. For bigger, more multifaceted projects, I would recommend fence kits (listed above).
  2. Simply extend the post extensions to the proper height you would like.
  3. Use the rails of the post extensions to properly extend the vinyl lattice throughout the extent of your fence. Source


For those who may not know, “u-channels” are u-shaped (hence the name) pieces of material (usually made of vinyl, plastic, or metal) typically used as weather ducts. They are also oftentimes used as a cost-effective option to secure doors, windows, and other places around the house.

You will need some extra posts to keep the u-channel steady and some vinyl lattice to wrap it around the width of the fence extension to give you the privacy you need.

This is how you extend a vinyl fence through a u-channel:

  1. Get out the u-channel, and some posts to further secure it. The rail and post come with a “groove” in rails to accommodate the lattice sheet. You can use a u-channel to secure the lattice piece along the rail and post.
  2. Simply frame the lattice sheet with the channel. We suggest framing the lattice sheet with the channel first and then placing the panel between the rails and post. When you have the framed lattice panel in the desired location, screw through the channel into the railing and support post. Source

Fence Boards

If you are handy with tools and don’t mind a “not very professional” look, veterans have oftentimes sourced boards of vinyl, cut it to fit the length and the width of the fence, and nailed it onto the vinyl fence.

This option will definitely not be the most visually appealing, but for those who just want a quick fix for a privacy issue, that is the best time-effective option. There are many options for fence boards that you can use. Be sure to select the fence panel that is appropriate for the color, size, and purpose of your fence extension.

Unconventional Options If You’re Stuck

Sometimes, it is just not that easy to extend your vinyl fence. Maybe you can’t find the right color, size, or you just don’t like how your vinyl fence looks. No need to give up yet. Those who have been in this unlikely position have found options that have worked just as well (if not better) for them!

There are so many ways you can extend the height of your fence. The sky is the limit! Feel free to be as creative as possible, the suggestions down below are just alternative options that people have found effective.

Some Recommendations:

  • Plant some trees- So many people tend to overlook this idea. Those who would like to extend their fences for privacy reasons tend to prefer Bamboo trees. No matter what, find the tree that works for you. Source
  • Get a trellis for climbing plants– A trellis is a framework of wooden bars used for climbing plants to wrap around. These look very popular and when each trellis is put together, you can use it as an extender for your fence. Simply dig a hole, place a trellis where you would like it, and find some climbing pants that work for you. Each yard is different, so be sure to check measurements first before picking a trellis that works for you. And you always want your trellis to be taller than your original fence.
  • Privacy screens– There are so many different privacy screens that you can put up for a more secure environment. Privacy screens usually run small, so if your fence is quite small or isn’t too durable, you can make do with a privacy screen for the time being. There are many options for a privacy screen that can be found online or at most home improvement stores.

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