Can You Build a Fence With a Brad Nailer?

There are many different types of nail guns available in the world, and each has its function concerning what it is best used for. Knowing which one is correct for each project is essential because some nail guns are specially made for indoor use, opposed to outdoor use.

You cannot build a fence with a brad nailer. Brad nailers are best for indoor rather than outdoor use because the nails that are used are too short and narrow to hold the wood of the fence together properly. They are best, however, when working on indoor projects like cabinetry.

There are many types of nailers that are used for various things. Using the correct nailer is essential when it comes to how sturdy the structure needs to be and where it is being built.

Why Not Use A Brad Nailer?

A brad nailer is just one type of pneumatic nail guns. Pneumatic nailers can be very useful when it comes to installing anything because they cut down on the amount of time it will take to install something. It is important to use the correct one, though, when you are installing something because otherwise it will waste time and force you to redo the job.

There are various types of pneumatic nailers. The nine main types of pneumatic nail guns include the framing nailer, the flooring nailer, the palm nailer, the roofing nailer, the siding nailer, the pin nailer, the brad nailer, the finish nailer, and the staple gun. Each of these nailers has its specific use.

The flooring nailer, for example, is used in putting down hardwood flooring. It cuts down on the amount of time it takes to install hardwood flooring because of its pneumatic nature. Since the flooring nailer is used to install hardwood, it is an inside tool.

A framing nailer, on the other hand, is used both inside and outside. It reinforces structures and holds together wood tightly.

Each pneumatic nailer works the best when it is used for its designated purpose, not a random purpose that may seem cost-effective or simpler for the owner. In the long run, it will be cheaper overall to do the job correctly with the essential tools.

A brad nailer, in particular, holds smaller nails. When working on outdoor projects, like building a fence, you want to have thicker and stronger screws than what the brad nailer can offer. Though it is possible and convenient to use the nail gun elsewhere, it will not hold the fence together properly if the nails are too small.

Why The Type Of Nail Gun You Use Is Important

It may feel more simple to use one type of pneumatic nailer for everything, but that will not work. Each nailer is designed for a specific use, whether it be outdoor, indoor, or both.

Different nail guns are made for different size nails. A brad nailer, for example, will hold screws that are about 0.0475 inches. A brad nailer can be compared often to finish nailers, which are even smaller. Finish nailers are meant to do similar jobs to a brad nailer. Both are used or can be used to put the finishing trim on something.

If someone were to use a brad nailer or a finish nailer outdoor on their fence, it would not end well. The fence would quite literally fall apart. There is also a high likelihood that the nails would rust at an extreme rate and result in the fence seeming much older than it is in just weeks.

Even though the boards may be very strong, the nails are also an important part of the fence being able to stand properly. To build a good, sturdy fence, it is important to use thick nails.

This applies to all aspects of building and construction. You would not use a piece of tape to hold up a clock on the wall, and using the wrong pneumatic nailer is just like that. The nail will either be too strong or weak for the job, so using each in their assigned area is of the highest importance.

The Best Type Of Nail Gun For Building A Fence

When building a fence, you will need thick and strong nails. Out of all possible nailers, framing nailers are the strongest, which is why you would use them on an outdoor fence. A fence constantly has the possibility of falling if the nails you use are too thin for the boards you use.

There are not nail guns made specifically for fencing, rather the next best option is a framing nailer. Framing nailers are used in construction before furthering the building process, so there is no doubt that they can hold a fence together in the most efficient manner.

Framing nailers use nails that are 3 1/2 inches long. The length of the nails increases the amount of support added, making this specific nailer much stronger than a brad nailer because brad nailers only use nails that are 0.0475 inches long. The comparison between these two types of nailers is quite drastic, so it would be unwise to replace one with the other.

What You Can Build With A Brad Nailer

It has been previously mentioned that brad nailers are small and are often compared to finish nailers. In reality, brad nailers are the stronger of the two.

It is most common to use a brad nailer when assembling a cabinet. It is the perfect strength to uphold the pieces of the cabinet without them falling apart. Using a brad nailer outside, though would result in whatever has been nailed coming loose easily, compromising the sturdiness and structure of what has been built.

You cannot use a brad nailer to build or assemble a fence, but it can be used for indoor projects like putting up cabinets. Because the force that can be put on the boards of the fence while it remains outside can be intense, it is essential to use long and strong nails to hold the fence together. A brad nailer simply will not do the job.

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