Can Chain Link Fences Be Reused?

Chain link fencing can be bothersome to remove at times, but it is even more frustrating when you do not know what to do with the fencing afterward. The biggest question that people removing chain link fencing usually have is if it can be reused elsewhere.

Chain link fences can be reused in various ways such as being moved to another place or being donated to a local animal shelter. Chain link fencing cannot be reused if the poles are cemented too heavily, but the panels can be removed and used without the poles. In this case, new poles are needed.

Is My Fence Reusable?

Chain link fencing can be reused in most cases. When people remove their chain link fence, more often than not, the fencing is not worn out and rusted since the average chain link fence will last about 20 years. In these cases, the chain link fencing can be reused. A possible problem of reusing chain link fencing is if the poles are cemented too heavily in the ground.

Cementing the chain link fencing when putting it in is beneficial because it prevents the poles from falling and bringing down the entire fence, but it can be a little frustrating when it comes to removing the fencing. However, there are ways to avoid severe frustration when removing the poles from the ground. You can either remove the fencing by yourself or have someone remove the fencing for you.

To remove the poles yourself, tie a 2×4 board to one of the poles that are in the ground. The board itself should be around 8 feet long to give proper leverage. The board will also need to be tied very tightly to ensure the 2×4 will not slip away from the pole. Hold the 2×4 at the very end (away from where the board is tied to the pole) and push the board up. It will act as a lever and pull the pole out of the ground.

If the dirt around the pole is too hard, the pole may not come out of the ground as easily. You can dig around the pole and loosen up the dirt to allow for the pole to come out easier. If the ground is frozen, it is best to wait until warmer weather when the ground has thawed.

Cost Of Removal

If you would prefer to not remove the chain link fence yourself, there is always the option of hiring someone to remove the fencing for you. If you decide to take this road, the amount of money it will cost you depends on where you are located and how long the fence is.

On average, hiring a professional to come to remove the fencing will cost about $2 to $3 per linear foot. This does not take into account the amount it will cost to remove the poles as well. On average, it can cost anywhere from $15 to $20 per pole. This will depend greatly on the company you call and the geographical location in which you live.

Because of the cost, it may be in your best interest to remove the chain link fence yourself. In this case, you will need to follow a few simple steps. You cannot go right ahead and start pulling up poles. That will just result in later frustration on your end.

Disassembling DIY

When it comes to disassembling the chain link fencing, it is important to begin by removing the screws from the fence (you can use the 2-inch socket on an electric drill to do so). Next, you will need to remove the ties on the middle post(s) with pliers. After removing the chain links from the fence, only the posts should still be standing.

As stated previously, you can remove these by tying a 2×4 to the pole you are trying to remove and use leverage to get it out of the ground. Another option is to secure a chain or heavy-duty strap to the pole and a truck and have it pull it out carefully.

Moving Chain Link Fencing

After the chain link part of the fence has been removed from the poles, it falls to the ground. When it is on the ground, the chain link can roll into a bundle so it can be transported more easily. For the chain link to roll properly, do not remove the flat poles that rest inside of the chain link. This can lead to the chain link not rolling the way it needs to.

Once the chain link is rolled, you can load it in a truck bed or car and take it elsewhere. Rolling the chain-link also assists in carrying the chain link in general.

Imagine trying to drag multiple feet of chain link behind you! That would make for quite horrendous sounds and make taking it somewhere much more difficult. It is not recommended.

When rolling the chain link, make sure to do so horizontally, as opposed to vertically. If you roll in the direction the chain link was attached to the poles, the result will be much shorter and easier to carry than trying to carry one long roll of chain link fencing.

Possible Uses For Old Chain Link Fencing

After rolling the fencing, you may decide that you aren’t entirely sure what to do with it. The nice thing about chain link fencing is that it moves easily, so it can be relocated in your yard if you so desire. It can also be used in a variety of ways.

To get the chain link fencing out of your yard entirely, you can send it to the recycling center. It is good to check beforehand if they will recycle scrap metal. A good follow up question to this is if they take chain link fence material. Some recycle places do not take chain link fences because it is such a low-grade material now (It even has a lesser value than dirty sheet iron!). Because of this, they may charge you a fee to drop it off.

If you can recycle the material, remove all of the concrete from the base of the poles as well as the dirt. This helps prepare the material to be recycled.

Another option, aside from recycling it, is to call up your local animal shelter and ask if they need any chain link fencing that is in decent shape. Donating can help you get rid of something you no longer need while giving something to someone who does. It is key, however, to make sure the chain link is in good shape so they can use it and will not have to replace it quickly.

Chain link fencing can be reused after it has been standing for years. Chain link fences last for around 20 years, so if they are in decent shape and do not have a bunch of rust on them, they can be used again somewhere else.

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